Offroad Challenge North America

All-terrain vehicle with 3D graphics, where you will find different 4×4 vehicles like jeep, Dodge, ford, chevrolet and hummer, more than 40 levels and thousands of possible customizations.

Conquer difficult terrains inspired in North America with different 4×4 vehicles all unlocked to use.

Customize cars with more than 90 paintings and wheels accessories:

  • 20 luxury wheel models
  • 40 headlight accessories, snorkel, roll cage, spare rubbers, antennas and more!
  • 30 customizable paint colors.

Explore the different maps including:

  • Las Vegas
  • New York

Game Modes:

  • Exploration: You can go through all the maps and look for new challenges.
  • Counterclockwise: Capture all targets before time runs out.
  • Parking: Drive without touching the cones and obstacles to win this challenge.
  • Race: You arrive first in a single race through difficult terrain.
  • Circuit: Get first in circuit races that will challenge your skills.

More than 40 levels available.

Customizable controls:

  • Accelerometer based
  • Based on sliding
  • Simple Buttons
  • Mause and keyboard (Optional WEB)


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